Slow and Steady Wins the Race

The stakes are high for APIDA in the 2020 Elections. There are 11 million APIDA eligible voters–votes that can possibly alter the political landscape of various states across the country.

As many of us know, there are many members of the APIDA community that have not voted because of lack of outreach, translated materials, and culturally relevant resources. In order to encourage members of our own families and members of the APIDA community; we need to be patient and thoughtful in our outreach.

Here are some helpful tips: 

  1. Listen. Instead of coming with a set agenda, begin with casual questions like: are you going to vote? How do you feel about the election? What issues are important to you? Sometimes, just taking the opportunity to just have a conversation can go a long way and can make it easy for you to express your ideas and concerns as well.

  2. Share. Try to find written material and forms of media that can be shared with those that are non-native speakers. Letting them know that this information does exist and that there are resources available to them can be encouraging and empowering.

  3. Patience. Talking about voting and anything political can be difficult and at times, stressful. Take your time and be compassionate to yourself and your loved ones and others in the community. Over time, they may open themselves up and you will have the foundation to have more fruitful and powerful conversations. For some members of the APIDA community, they may be wary of saying the “wrong” thing and be judged. With patience, we can educate, learn, and empower.