Asian American Studies Certificate

Learn how to declare an Asian American Studies Certificate. There is also an option to declare a HMoob American Studies Emphasis.

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The Asian American Studies Certificate provides students with an opportunity to develop a sustained intellectual focus on Asian American racial formation, history, literature, culture, and social concerns.


To complete a certificate in Asian American Studies, students must complete 12 credits of coursework (4 Asian Am courses). Students must earn a minimum GPA of 2.00 and complete 6 credits in residence within the certificate.

This undergraduate certificate must be completed concurrently with the student’s undergraduate degree.

Declaration Process

To declare a certificate, contact Faculty Associate & AASP Undergraduate Student Advisor, Dr. Lisa Ho at

AAS Certificate Declaration Form


  • ASIAN AM 101 Introduction to Asian Americans Studies
  • ASIAN AM 102 Introduction to Comparative Ethnic Studies
  • ASIAN AM 121 Asian American Movement
  • ASIAN AM 150 Literature and Culture of Asian America
  • ASIAN AM 152 Asian American Literary and Popular Culture: Race, Fantasy, Futures
  • ASIAN AM 160 Asian American History: Movement and Dislocation
  • ASIAN AM 161 Asian American History: Settlement and National Belonging
  • ASIAN AM 170 Hmong American Experiences in the United States
  • ASIAN AM 220 Ethnic Movements in the United States
  • ASIAN AM 240 Topics in Asian American Studies
  • ASIAN AM 246 Southeast Asian Refugees of the “Cold” War
  • ASIAN AM 250 Eating Asian America
  • ASIAN AM 270 Survey of Asian American Literature
  • ASIAN AM 420 Asian Americans and Media
  • ASIAN AM 441 Hmong American Social Movements in the 20th and 21st Centuries
  • ASIAN AM 443 Mutual Perceptions of Racial Minorities
  • ASIAN AM 462 Topics in Asian American Literature
  • ASIAN AM 463 Race and Sexuality in American Literature
  • ASIAN AM 464 Asian American Women Writers
  • ASIAN AM 465 Asian American Poetry
  • ASIAN AM 540 Topics in Asian American Studies
  • ASIAN AM 560 Topics in Humanities
  • ASIAN AM 662 Mass Media and Minorities
  • ASIAN AM 669 Independent Study: Directed Readings in Asian American Studies