Peggy Choy

Position title: Associate Professor, Dance and Asian American Studies


125 Lathrop Hall, 1050 University Ave, Madison, WI 53706


Peggy Myo-Young Choy (M.F.A., 2006) is Associate Professor of Dance and Asian American Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Specializing in Asian dance (Korean and Javanese forms), Asian martial and vital energy arts, she teaches her contemporary Dance Noetics that encompasses Asian/Asian American dance, martial arts and vital energy thought, practice, and explorations into Afro-Asian fusion. Her courses include Asian American Movement, Afro-Asian Fusion, Taijiquan, and Javanese dance. She is a choreographer and dancer, and the artistic director of Peggy Choy Dance (2010), a New York-based dance company, and President of The Ki Project, Inc., a non-profit organization that committed to performance and creative thinking for future generations.