2022 Amy Ling Yellow Light Award Recipients

In honor of the memory and legacy of our beloved founding director, Professor Amy Ling, the Program in Asian American Studies is proud to announce the Amy Ling Yellow Light Award Creative Endeavor to two UW-Madison students. Congratulations to our award winners!


Jessica Lindall created a zine about female Asian American filmmakers and the way that they have represented queer Asian Americans in feature films like Saving Face and The Half of It.  In her analysis of the films, her interview with an audience member who related to being queer and Asian American, and quotes from a survey she conducted, Lindall’s zine highlights the role of intersectionality in shaping marginalized identities within Asian America. To view Lindall’s complete zine, click the image above.

Juliet Chang’s art piece includes blurred portraits of Southeast Asian students set against quotes captured from interviews about how identity has shaped their educational experiences.  Although we cannot see their faces, the bold colors and pop art style are intended to call attention to their experiences of marginalization and invisibility within our educational system.  As Chang states, “Through this art piece, I hoped to reiterate our presence at UW-Madison and in higher education—an affirmation that these spaces may not be built for us but we will not let that silence us.”