Dr. Lori Kido Lopez wins the Chancellor’s Inclusive Excellence Award

Lori Lopez, associate professor in the Department of Communication Arts at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, talks with students during a Communication Arts 250 course in the Educational Sciences Building on March 5, 2020. Lopez is a recipient of a 2020 Distinguished Teaching Award. (Photo by Bryce Richter /UW-Madison)

Thirteen faculty members have been chosen to receive this year’s Distinguished Teaching Awards, an honor that annually recognizes some of UW–Madison’s finest educators. The following testimonials were given, and photographs made, before virtual teaching was instituted in response to COVID-19 — but whatever form instruction might take, this group ranks among the university’s best. While the ceremony originally scheduled for April 7 has been postponed, we honor the winners here, and commend all who are teaching in these challenging times.

In teaching everything from large introductory courses to small graduate seminars, Lopez has earned high marks and glowing comments from students for her approach to controversial topics such as racism. As the creator and chair of her department’s Diversity and Equity Committee, she has added mini trainings to monthly department meetings, on topics such as trans-inclusive pedagogy, universal design, diversifying the syllabus, and diversity accommodations. Lopez is also committed to creating opportunities for learning outside of the classroom and created Madison’s Asian American Media Spotlight, a film festival that invites filmmakers from across the country to screen their films on campus and engage in discussions with students.