Research and Library Resource


The Asian American Studies Program encourages faculty research and course development in Asian American issues.

The Midwest is an expanding frontier for Asian American groups. Between 1970 and 1998, the Asian population in Wisconsin grew from only 7,000 to over 52,000, largely due to the influx of Southeast Asians in the aftermath of the Vietnam War. The Wisconsin Hmong community is now the third largest in the United States. Research subjects such as immigration and acclimation processes, intergenerational conflicts, cultural clashes, oral histories, and demographic transitions of Midwest Asian Americans all may be investigated.

Library Resources:

The Memorial Library Collection contains over three million volumes as well as a large number of periodicals, serials, and scholarly journals. Helen C. White Library houses a growing Ethnic Studies collection. The Wisconsin State Historical Society, located on campus contains hundreds of thousands of documents, books, and periodicals. Many of these document the histories of Asian Americans in the MidWest and offer research possibilities.