Ethnic Studies Requirement

Students must complete a 3-credit ethnic studies requirement to qualify for graduation. This requirement is incorporated within the breadth requirements. Courses that meet the ethnic studies requirement are indicated in the Timetable and this catalog with the symbol “e.” The ethnic studies requirement may be satisfied at any time during a student’s undergraduate study.

The requirement is intended to further a student’s education for citizenship:

  • Increase students’ understanding of and capacity to value the unique cultural and ethnic backgrounds and contributions of groups not integrated into the mainstream.
  • Facilitate an understanding of what it means to live in a society that may display hostility to the individual on the basis of stereotypes of fundamental, frequently unalterable, characteristics of race, religion, sex, and/or national origin.
  • Equip students to respond constructively to problems of our increasingly pluralistic American society.

Students should contact the Student Academic Affairs Office in Letters and Science or the L&S Advising Center for more information about courses that may be used to meet the ethnic studies requirement.

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