University of Wisconsin–Madison


Asian American Studies Certificate Program

The Asian American Studies certificate program provides students with an opportunity to develop a sustained intellectual focus on Asian American racial formation, history, literature, and culture. Interdisciplinary in nature, the certificate can be obtained by completing 15 credits of coursework.

Students receiving a certificate will have a transcript notation indicating that they have received a certificate in Asian American Studies. A Certificate in Asian American Studies acknowledges that a student has made a significant effort to learn about Asian American history and culture, the social location of Asian Americans in U.S. society and transnationally, and the experiences of Asian Americans, historically and contemporarily.

The certificate program is open to any undergraduate student regardless of major or college who has an interest in Asian American Studies and is in good academic standing at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Interested students should contact Nhung Nguyen to discuss their study plans and file a Certificate Declaration form. While many of the courses below are crosslisted, registration under the Asian American Studies portion of the timetable ensures that credits earned for the certificate are recognized by the Registrar’s office (upon filing a Certificate Declaration form). Not all courses are offered each semester. Topic courses may be repeated for credit.

Download: Application Form

To earn a Certificate in Asian American Studies, a student must earn a minimum GPA of 2.75 in 15 credits of coursework:

3 credits of foundation

  • ASIAN AM 101 Introduction to Asian Americans Studies

9 credits of “core courses” devoted exclusively to Asian American Issues

  • ASIAN AM 121 Asian American Movement
  • ASIAN AM 150 Literature and Culture of Asian America
  • ASIAN AM 152 Asian American Literary and Popular Culture: Race, Fantasy, Futures
  • ASIAN AM 160 Asian American History: Movement and Dislocation
  • ASIAN AM 161 Asian American History: Settlement and National Belonging
  • ASIAN AM 240 Topics in Asian American Studies
  • ASIAN AM 260 Topics in Asian American Culture
  • ASIAN AM 270 Survey of Asian American Literature
  • ASIAN AM 462 Topics in Asian American Literature
  • ASIAN AM 464 Asian American Women Writers
  • ASIAN AM 465 Asian American Poetry

3 credits of “comparative” courses exploring racial formation in a comparative context

  • ASIAN AM 102 Introduction to Comparative Ethnic Studies
  • ASIAN AM 220 Ethnic Movements in the United States
  • ASIAN AM 246 Southeast Asian Refugees of the “Cold” War
  • ASIAN AM 276 Chinese Migration Since 1500
  • ASIAN AM 443 Mutual Perceptions of Racial Minorities
  • ASIAN AM 463 Race and Sexuality in American Literature
  • ASIAN AM 662 Mass Media and Minorities
  • History 244 Introduction to Southeast Asia: Vietnam to the Philippines
  • HDFS 474 Racial Ethnic Families in the U.S. (HDFS: Human Development and Family Studies)

Asian Am 540 Special Topics and Asian Am 560 Topics in Humanities and Asian Am 699 Independent Study will be designated as “core” or “comparative” courses each semester, depending on the content of the course. Please see course listing for the semester of the designation.

Students can arrange to do an independent study for Asian Am Studies credit (Asian Am 699: Independent Study: Directed Readings in Asian American Studies) that may count towards the certificate. For more information, please contact the director of the Asian American Studies Program or find a professor who is interested in working with you.

Other courses in Afro-American Studies, American Indian Studies, Chican@/Latin@ Studies, East Asian Languages and Literature, or Languages and Cultures of Asia may count towards the fulfillment of the comparative requirement at the approval of the director.