University of Wisconsin–Madison


Associates are conducting research, teaching courses, or serving students or communities in relationship to content related to Americans, Pacific Islanders, and immigrants to the United States from Asian heritage, and related topics or they consider themselves allies of Asian Americans. This group does not have any governance responsibilities nor are they eligible for professional development funds. They are community members, students, UW-Madison staff, faculty and administrators associated with this Program but without governance responsibilities.

Cecile David
Sociology Dept., Univ. of Wisconsin-Whitewater

Areas of interest: Asian American immigration and adaptation, immigrant education, English Language Learners, biracial/multiracial identity formation, political mobilization and participation of minorities, mental issues affecting Asian Americans, and comparative studies of different Asian ethnic groups in North America and Oceania. I also have a particular interest in the people and countries of Southeast Asia.

Jo Scheder
Anthropologist and Independent Scholar

Areas of interest:
Hawai’i and Samoa; Native Hawaiian sovereignty movement; Southeast Asian communities; Asian American and Pacific Islander theatre; documentary and ethnographic film; health disparities, stress, and trauma; race politics.

Katherine Bowie
Anthropology Department

Area of interest: Mainland Southeast Asia, including upland minorities.

Larry Ashmun
Southeast Asian and Hmong Studies Bibliographer
Library System

Area of interest: Southeast Asia, as well as Asia in general, and the Hmong globally, including the U.S.

Nicole Huang
East Asian Languages and Literature

Areas of interest: Transasian studies, Chinese diaspora, Sinophone literatures outsides of Mainland China

Pao Thao
Southeast Asian American Student Services Coordinator
L&S Student Academic Affairs

Pui Shan Shelly Chan
Assistant Professor

Area of interest: History of Chinese migration in transnational and global perspectives