Donate to the Asian American Studies Program

We are in the midst of the DAY OF THE BADGER (APRIL 8-9!

At that time, you’ll be able to review all of the school, college, and cause campaigns on and make your gift. Day of the Badger will end at midnight on April 9.

Our goal as the Asian American Studies Program is raise funds towards a new work station for students in our Program lounge, The May 2nd lounge (339W Ingraham).

We would like to setup two computer work stations and offer free printing, as one of the greatest student needs is access to computers and printers.

 Below are a list of items we would like to provide for student use:

  • 2 desktop computers
  • A printer
  • Computer table and chairs

In addition, we would like to purchase a camcorder and tripod for the Program. These pieces of equipment would be used to record events which would be used to share among those who were unable to attend. Here is the AAS donation page:…/asian-american-studies.